TIRP low-cost therapy


Senior Student Therapist                                                                         

  • TIRP senior student therapists are bound by explicit, established principles of ethical professional practice
  • TIRP senior students are finishing their practicum and have regular supervision with a TIRP faculty member
  • Your therapist will protect your name and all identifying information, respecting your right to confidentiality
  • Your senior student therapist remains available at $40 per session for up to 20 sessions
  • You may continue this therapy beyond 20 sessions, but then fees become negotiable with your therapist                                                                                                                                                                                             

The following TIRP senior students offer therapy for a fee of $40 per session for up to 20 sessions:                                              

You may contact these senior student therapists directly with a brief phone or email message.  They reserve a certain number of spaces in their schedules for individuals who can't afford full-fee therapy.  Please indicate that you are looking for low-cost individual therapy with a TIRP senior student for a $40 fee.  If you phone and leave a message, please speak your name and contact information twice, clearly. The therapist will return your call or email, respecting your privacy in any way you request.


Please note:

Therapists are unlikely to respond to emails addressed to more than one person at a time, whether direct or using bcc.     

Zoe Ashmore
Queen / Spadina, Toronto
Available Fridays, Tuesdays, possible evenings / weekends

Jayne Brown

Bathurst / College and Dupont / Spadina, Toronto

Available weekdays

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Roy Horton

29 Alvin Ave. (Yonge / St. Clair), Toronto 

Available Saturdays 8am - 7pm

phone: 416-996-1063; email: [email protected]

Neil Jones

1409 Yonge St. (steps from St. Clair subway station)

Sunday to Thursday (includes some evenings and early mornings)

Website with info and full schedule:  relationaltherapytoronto.com

email: [email protected]   Please mention you found me here in your email. 

Peter Madore

Bloor / Christie, Toronto:  Available Mondays and Tuesdays

393 First Street, Collingwood:  Available Wednesdays and Thursdays

phone: 705-994-3008; email: [email protected];  web: pmadorepsychotherapy.com

Gem Mason
Burlington and Oakville
Available days, evenings and Sunday
phone: 289 681 4811; email: [email protected]; web: www.connections2health.com

Kato Perdue

Roncesvalles / High Park, Toronto.  Available Tuesdays, daytime.       
Coxwell / Danforth, Toronto. Available Thursdays 9-3 and Fridays 9-2:30

Heather White 

Roncesvalles / Dundas West, Toronto

Available weekdays and evenings 

email: [email protected], website: hwtherapy.com